Pilates of Boulder, Inc. Melanie Walter, Director Rocky Mountain Pilates, performing Swan on the Low Chair.

About Pilates

The Pilates Method is a powerful and ingenious form of progressive resistance and flexibility training created by legendary fitness guru Joseph Pilates. A true pioneer in the field of health and physical fitness, Joe began his work in the early 1920s with the rehabilitation of injured athletes and dancers. He went on to develop more than 500 specific exercises on an array of unique devices that create a strong, balanced and versatile body.

The method emphasizes development of core strength (center of your body), flexibility and neuromuscular integration, resulting in superior strength, body alignment, joint mobility, range of motion and coordination. Pilates builds long muscles and flexible joints.

The kinesthetic models are derived from gymnastics, boxing, swimming, ballet, and the demands of every-day life. No matter what your age or condition, it will work for you. Who should do Pilates? Everybody! Pilates is for you!

Pilates is an excellent adjunct to any sport or other type of training such as weightlifting or aerobics. Where weightlifting is built around isolation and power, Pilates emphasizes core strength, overall integration and range of motion making these disciplines highly compatible. Pilates is simply the best form of cross training for any other sport or physical endeavor. For those who do not participate in any other form of exercise, Pilates is the best exercise system in which one could participate to promote lasting health and vitality.

"If I had time in my life for only one type of exercise, it would be Pilates. It is simply the best and most versatile workout available."

—Richard Rossiter

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